1.12 ct. F VVS Quattro Diamond Studs Earrings

1.12 ct. F VVS Quattro Diamond Studs Earrings


These specialised fancy cut diamonds have been meticulously cut and assembled to create a “round-brilliant like” diamond.
Each diamond stud is comprised of four perfectly crafted 0.14 ct trilliant cut diamonds. The 4 trilliant diamonds are fused together in a harmonious quartet creating the appearance of a much larger diamond with exceptional brilliance and fire.

Total Carat Weight per diamond stud: 0.56 ct. (looks like 1.10 ct. diamond)
Total Carat Weight for Couple: 1.12 ct
Diameter per diamond stud: 6.45×6.46×3.13
Color: F
Clarity: VVS2
Symmetry: EX
Polish: EX
Diamonds are set in 4 prong 18k gold settings.
Price for pair 2900 euro ex vat

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