Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Perfect for any occasion, our stunning classic tennis bracelets express the elegance and refinement of European design and craftsmanship. These jewels are hand-crafted in Antwerp and set with 100% natural certified diamonds. 
The term “tennis bracelet” gained popularity when tennis player Chris Evert’s bracelet fell off during a match, leading to a pause in the game to retrieve it. Since then, this style of  Rivière bracelet has been commonly referred to as a tennis bracelet.

From left to right 1.05 ct. 1.60 ct. 3.04 ct. 3.84 ct. 5.30 ct. 6.72 ct. and 8.80. ct  18k yellow gold natural diamond tennis bracelets. 

From left to right 1.90 ct. 3.50 ct. 5.76 ct. 9.60 ct. 18k white gold natural black diamond tennis bracelets. 

From left to right 1.05 ct. 1.60 ct. 3.04 ct. 3.84 ct. 5.30 ct. 6.72 ct. and 8.80. ct  18k white gold natural diamond tennis bracelets. 

BelgiumDiamonds.shop presents a selection of timeless diamond tennis bracelets showcasing round brilliant cut diamonds. Our European-crafted bracelets are available in 18k white gold, yellow gold, and pink gold featuring a single row of individually set diamonds or gemstones, secured in a 4-prong setting. The stones are interconnected by links that provide flexibility and mobility, ensuring a comfortable fit around the wrist.

Our collections are celebrated for their unwavering commitment to quality, with every diamond meticulously calibrated to perfection. We take pride in offering affordability without any compromise on excellence. In fact, our prices are frequently up to 70% lower than those found at traditional high-end retailers, all while delivering the same, if not superior, quality for diamond bracelets.

Choose from our distinctive collections:

Premium Collection: Perfectly calibrated diamonds exhibiting color E-F and clarity VS-Top SI.
Signature Collection: Perfectly calibrated diamonds showcasing color E-F and clarity VVS.
Black Diamond Collection: Perfectly calibrated with top-quality black diamonds.

Each bracelet is meticulously set in our Antwerp Atelier to create maximize brilliance, fire, and overall visual appeal.

Our Double Locking System
For Bracelets and Necklaces

12.30 ct. E VVS  Tennis Bracelet,
14.40 ct. Black Tennis Bracelet
2.84 ct. E VVS Tennis Bracelet

6.72 ct. Diamond Tennis Bracelet in Pink Gold

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