In our wedding and eternity band section you can find a beautiful selection of various style rings in platinum, pink gold, white gold and yellow gold.  Select from our European hand-crafted preset collection or delight in a made-to-order diamond band handcrafted at our Atelier in Antwerp where all your dreams of diamonds and jewels come true.

From left to right 0.72 ct. 1.50 ct. 2.00 ct. 2.52 ct. and 3.20 ct. full set eternity bands in 18k white gold. 

From left to right 0.36 ct. 0.78 ct. 1.00 ct. 1.26 ct. and 1.60 ct. half set eternity bands in 18k white gold. 

From Top to Bottom, 1.50 ct. Full Set, 0.70 ct. 5-Stone, 1.00 ct. Half Set, and 0.78 ct. Half Set Eternity Bands.

Belgium Diamonds Shop - A European Luxury Trade Business

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