Personal Diamond Shopper

Become A Personal Diamond Shopper team of personal diamond shoppers are located world wide to assist both first-time and repeat buyers with making the right diamond and jewelry purchases. They are trained to make diamond shopping experience stress free offering personal consultations, 1-1 display meetings and organizing local group sales events.

The uniqueness of our Personal Shopper network is that it gives shoppers the best of both worlds: local representatives and the ability to buy directly from the Antwerp Diamond Exchange, benefiting from Belgium Diamonds extensive diamond collection of over 25,000 GIA, IGI and HRD certified diamonds at wholesale diamond exchange prices.

Join Our Team

We are looking for motivated people with exceptional social networking skills and a passion for diamonds and jewelry to join our ‘Personal Diamond Shoppers’ team.

Personal Diamond Shoppers undergo a special training program in Antwerp Program includes:
– Tour diamond district
– Understand rough to polished diamond process
– Learning about diamond characteristics
– Basics of diamond polishing
– Basic of Jewellery manufacturing and setting
– Learning how to view and display diamonds and jewelry using diamond loupe and other professional tools.

Personal diamond shoppers have made a successful full time career while others choose to sell work in spare time in order to earn an extra income.

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